Linda is on the ballot! 

Linda Robertson is officially on the ballot for the March 19th, 2024 primary election. Team Linda collected over 1500 signatures – the maximum number allowed to submit – proving that Linda has local support! Then early Monday, November 27th, Linda drove to Springfield to officially file her petitions and Statement of Candidacy. A huge thanks goes to all the volunteers who helped get signatures and to all of you who signed her petition! This is Democracy at work!

With your continued help, Linda can be our next State Representative. She represents this area through her experience, knowledge, ability to listen and to problem solve. Linda has knocked on thousands of doors to actually listen to people’s concerns. She has learned that people aren’t divided by party affiliation but are far more interested in having government work to solve the issues that impact their daily lives. Throughout her campaign, Linda has demonstrated that she is a listener and wants to go to Springfield to solve problems. She will work to find practical, sustainable and efficient ways to make District 65 the best it can be for its citizens.

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Volunteer to help get Linda elected

Team LindaforIL65 after the Fox River Clean-up

Now that the petition drive is over, Team Linda is focusing on reaching District 65 constituents for information, concerns, and donations. Linda, of course, will continue to listen to voters and hear their issues – and now it is time to reach more voters. To accomplish these goals, Team Linda is asking for grassroot help.

We are looking for ways to introduce Linda to District 65 voters. Do you know folks who may not always be heard or who haven’t been involved in elections — but are concerned about issues? Team Linda wants to connect with them.

Here are some ways you can help introduce Linda to voters:

  • Invite Linda to a coffee with a few friends or neighbors
  • Hold a meet and greet at your home or favorite establishment  
  • Ask Linda to chat with members before or after one of your organizational meetings  
  • Let people know about Linda and her community events by sending them a link to her website: or to her Facebook page: 

Here are some ways you can help Team Linda:

  • Volunteer to be part of her campaign’s community issue groups  
  • Assist with administrative needs such as: research, marketing, data collection, communication
  • Help with fundraising: hosting or working an event, contacting donors,
  • Share a skill or network that would be helpful to Team Linda and the campaign.

Contact Team Linda at and let them know you are willing to help!

Fundraising to help the campaign

Linda Robertson campaign announcement

Fundraising is a tough part of any campaign. Asking for money feels awkward, but for grassroots campaigns it is critical. If you believe in democracy, finding solutions to climate change, representation that works for families, putting a priority on healthcare and reproductive health – then Linda is your candidate.

Let’s get Linda to Springfield! Please consider donating to her campaign at 

Every person counts in local, grassroots elections!

Please join us today

Every person counts in local, grassroots elections!

We need your assistance to help Linda win!