On The Road to Springfield

It’s been a busy couple of months for Linda Robertson.  In addition to her ongoing involvement in community activities, she is on her way to being certified as a candidate for District 65 Illinois State House seat. This process is rigorous. 

Step 1: Gather Petition Signatures: Linda and her team started collecting petition signatures at the beginning of September.  Linda’s goal was to have 1500 people sign her petitions. This was a huge goal considering that it takes at least 1-2 hours of knocking on doors and talking to voters in the district to get the 10 signatures on each petition page. Wanting to actively engage with voters, Linda used the opportunity to learn what issues really concerned people in her district.  Over and over, she heard that voters were worried about the cost of childcare, the threats to women’s rights, gun safety (especially for children at school) and climate change. Linda personally talked with hundreds of prospective voters. These conversations are providing valuable input on the issues Linda will champion in Springfield.   

chicago 2

Step 2: Assembling Petitions: The next step was time-consuming: verifying that all 1500 petition signers actually live in the district, that petitions were notarized and met filing requirements.   Linda then went to Chicago to have the 1500 petition signatures officially assembled and triple checked.

Step 3: Filing the Petitions:  Early Monday, November 27th, Linda drove to Springfield to officially file her petitions and Statement of Candidacy. Once the State Board of Election certifies the paperwork and petitions, Linda’s name will be added to the ballot.

Next step:  The campaign!  Linda will continue engaging with voters throughout the campaign season.   As a scientist, Linda wants to work the problem until a reasonable and pragmatic solution can be found and implemented. Often people say they are too busy to think about issues or that they don’t know enough to decide yet, but Linda listens. She really wants to know what concerns you as a voter.  And she takes your concerns seriously.  You can reach her at: info@votelinda65.com 

Every vote counts:  Linda cares about your issues. She will work to bring people together and build consensus in Springfield.  Join her team. 

If you want to volunteer:  All skills are valuable from writing postcards, making phone calls, walking neighborhoods to hosting events.  Contact us today to find out how you can help.  

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Thank you to everyone who gathered signatures—and to everyone who signed the petitions!  

Every person counts in local, grassroots elections!

We need your assistance to help Linda win!