Why We Should Send a Scientist to Springfield

  • Curiosity: Scientists have a strong desire to explore and understand the world around them.
  • Critical thinking: Scientists are trained to analyze information objectively and draw logical conclusions, reevaluating accepted wisdom as new information becomes available.
  • Creativity: Scientists are able to think outside the box to develop innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Patience: Scientists persist through challenges and setbacks in their research.
  • Open-mindedness: Scientists are receptive to new ideas and willing to revise their theories based on evidence.
  • Teamwork: Scientists collaborate to arrive at the optimal cost-effective solutions.
  • Communication: Scientists must be able to effectively advocate for their research and conclusions.

Linda dedicated her scientific career to finding innovative solutions for complex problems. As an Industrial Microbiologist, she was awarded twelve patents for her research in water treatment, sustainable energy production, as well as water reuse and recovery projects. She started her own international technical consulting business in 2007. 

In Springfield, as in the lab, Linda will make well-reasoned, evidence-based decisions. Her scientific experience uniquely prepares her to contribute value to the existential climate change and clean energy issues facing Illinois. These same skills will also enable her to identify innovative solutions for other complex problems facing Illinois–affordable childcare, accessible healthcare, gun safety and reproductive rights.

Illinois cannot afford to postpone, delay, or ignore finding effective actions and solutions. We must act now. We must stop yelling at each other.

It will take logic and cooperation to get things done in Springfield. Linda is committed to listening to all points of view, logically assessing the facts, and working with leaders on both sides of the aisle. 

We need representatives who will fight to build a better future for us and our children.

Let’s Send a Scientist to Springfield!

Every person counts in local, grassroots elections!

We need your assistance to help Linda win!