Climate Change

Linda Robertson is a lifelong environmentalist.  She will fight for clean air, water, and energy. She will be your voice in Springfield.

Climate change is accelerating, with dangerous impacts on land, water, air quality and health. Right now, farmers, homeowners and businesses are suffering huge financial losses due to the extreme oscillations in the weather with severe storms in the summer and winter, record setting temperatures, droughts, and flooding with “once in a century climate events” that now occur frequently. Even if you are not directly impacted, you are paying with increased insurance rates.

We must address water quality and availability.  Every day we learn more about the dangers of microplastics and PFAS on our health. Everyone should have access to clean water and air.

Linda understands what needs to be done. It is possible to reduce our carbon footprints and lower carbon emissions while creating jobs. As a research scientist, Linda has worked on energy conservation issues and methods to eliminate air and water pollution throughout her career. She worked on water reuse and recovery in paper mills, reducing microbial contamination and reducing costs to businesses. We need experts, like Linda, who can implement environmental solutions that save money and create jobs.

Linda believes that Illinois must use the power of competitive markets to encourage energy innovation and create high-paying clean energy jobs. We will need partnerships with the private sector to build a new clean economy. We must foster innovation in Illinois universities to meet the challenges of developing clean energy, job creation, and conservation.

We must act now if we are to mitigate the effects of climate change for our grandchildren and their children. We cannot afford to have leaders and politicians who refuse to accept the data. Linda is committed to logically assessing the facts and working with leaders on both sides of the aisle to build Illinois’ clean energy infrastructure. We can make Illinois an innovator in a rapidly growing sector of the global economy.

Send a Scientist to Springfield who will pass legislation to protect people, homes, land, air and water.

Gun Safety & Violence Prevention

We need sensible gun reform, not more vigils for victims of mass shootings. At an Uvalde vigil, a young girl held a sign that asked: “Am I not as valuable as a gun? Why are the adults in this country failing to protect me?” This question motivates Linda today.

In an average year, over 1,500 people die and over 2,700 are wounded by guns in Illinois alone.  We need to focus on preventing gun violence, not just arguing about it. 

Linda recognizes the validity of the 2nd Amendment, but she also believes that gun ownership comes with responsibility. This is not about taking away guns. It is about our rights as citizens. We must acknowledge that other people’s decisions are impacting our rights. Freedom from worry about gun violence is a civil right.

We need sensible policies that keep guns out of the hands of people who are unstable. Other common-sense gun safety measures include requiring background checks for private and gun show sales, retaining the Illinois Red Flag law and requiring a license before a gun purchase. Supporting the Safe Storage Law is sensible, and it saves lives. We must ensure that the Illinois legislature continues to focus on common sense gun safety measures.

If elected, Linda will prioritize making Illinois families and communities safer. She is committed to working with leaders on both sides of the aisle to pass practical common-sense gun safety legislation. 

Let’s stand together for safety and respect.

Health Care Decisions

Linda Robertson will fight to ensure that personal health care decisions stay between patients and doctors, not politicians and insurance companies.  She strongly supports a person’s right to make decisions for their own body. 

Women’s reproductive rights are no longer protected at a federal level. Contraception and IVF are under threat. In Illinois we still have freedom and control of our own bodies. It is obvious that activism to safeguard our rights at the state level is critical. Linda will work hard to ensure reproductive health care decisions are protected.

Accessible, affordable and high-quality healthcare is important in developing a healthy community. We are fortunate to have so many excellent healthcare facilities in our district. But not everyone in our community has access to excellent healthcare. Cost, lack of insurance and unaffordable insurance are often insurmountable barriers. Patients and their doctors should determine treatment, not politicians and insurance CEOs.

We can do better. Protecting our health requires electing people who understand the issues and are willing to reach across the political divide to ensure that Illinois invests in programs with a good return on invested tax dollars.

Healthcare should be a human right, not a privilege.

Building Healthy Communities

Families need a secure community that provides education, jobs, infrastructure to get to work and school, affordable transportation and affordable food sources.

Our community is under stress. High food prices and inflation mean many Americans are struggling to make ends meet.  Linda supports the permanent elimination of the sales tax on food.

Healthy communities have access to high-quality childcare that enables parents to work, knowing their children are safe and happy. If businesses need workers, workers need childcare.  There is a shortage of childcare. As a community, we need to prioritize affordable and attainable childcare. We should value and pay childcare workers as essential workers. Childcare workers are the workers behind the workforce. We should encourage businesses to financially support daycare for their employees. Linda supports Governor Pritzker’s investments in early childhood programs.

Healthy communities offer affordable healthcare. Adults, children and workers all need better access to quality mental and health care.   Unfortunately, access to high-quality services remains inadequate and inequitable. Medical debt is an increasing source of stress. We can do better. We need to focus on expanding primary care, improving preventive care and reducing staffing shortages so that care is not rationed.  Insurance companies should be held accountable for denial of care decisions. Drugs don’t work if patients can’t afford them.  Creating an Illinois Prescription Drug Affordability Board will help make high-cost prescription drugs more affordable. We need to support our Public Health Departments.

Healthy communities provide dignity for seniors. We need to be sure that seniors are able to access affordable housing and medical care. Contracts for senior and assisted living facilities need to be clear so that resident rights are respected.

Send Linda to Springfield so she can fight to build resilient communities.

Fiscal Responsibility

Very few families are able to buy and do whatever they want.  Most families have to budget and make decisions. That is also true in our communities, and it should be true in the Illinois government.

State budgets must balance urgent needs, unkept promises, conflicting goals, and political maneuvering.  That’s why fiscal responsibility is important. We must meet our legal obligations.

The legislature needs to step up to realistically assess our future income and thoughtfully prioritize what we must do. This process will require targeting wasteful spending by identifying and examining inefficiencies. 

Linda will work hard to prevent tax increases and to invest in high quality services that benefit our district. Her priorities include providing a good education for future workers, a safe living environment and care for vulnerable citizens. To do this we need to invest in projects with a good return on investment.

Send a fiscal pragmatist to Springfield. Linda will listen to your concerns and represent you in Springfield.


Defending our freedoms will take all of us.  Our rights are at risk. It is critical that everyone votes this November.

Voting is your way to make sure your voice is heard in the debates in your community, at the state level and in Washington. Your vote matters.

We urge you to make your plan and be sure to vote this election.

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