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Meet Linda Robertson

Democratic Candidate for Illinois State Representative 65

Springfield has enough lawyers. It could use more scientists trained in evaluating data and solving complex problems. We need logic and cooperation in Springfield.  Linda pledges to be a full-time legislator who will regularly meet with constituents and listen to their concerns and needs. As an international technical consultant, she learned to listen and ask people questions, not assume that she already had the answers.

Working collaboratively benefits everyone. Linda will work to support policies and legislation that protect women’s reproductive rights, provide childcare solutions, create pro-environmental initiatives that address climate change, ensure worker’s rights and safety, and create green energy jobs.  She will work to create tax reforms to better fund our local schools, common-sense gun safety measures, and legislation that helps seniors stay in their homes. In short, policies that ensure a healthy community.

The Fox Valley region is a precious resource with the beautiful Fox river. Linda and her husband, Len, moved to St Charles in 1988, where they raised their daughters. Their oldest daughter and her family live in Elgin.  

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Linda’s Issues

Building a Healthy Community

Families need a secure community that provides education, jobs, infrastructure, affordable transportation, and stable food sources. Accessible, affordable and high-quality healthcare is important in developing a healthy community.

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Climate Change

We have an existential threat to our future: the climate crisis.   Avoiding catastrophe is more cost effective than ignoring a costly problem and hoping it will go away.  There is no one simple solution to solve this problem, but we can work together to alleviate the affects. 

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Gun Safety

We need sensible gun laws to keep people safe.   Linda is pro-gun safety and anti-gun violence.

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Women’s Reproductive Healthcare

Reproductive healthcare decisions should be between a woman and her doctor, not politicians. 

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Keep In Touch With Linda’s Campaign

Thanks for reading our blog! We’re delighted that you’re interested in Linda Robertson, the scientist who is running for the Illinois House District 65 Seat. There’s an additional way you can get the latest updates from Linda. We have a newsletter that is filled with info about campaign events plus ways you can help or …
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Speaker at Climate Lobby Day Rally in Springfield

Climate Action Lobby Day

May 9th in Springfield On May 9th, Linda joined hundreds of environmental activists at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield.  It was an exciting opportunity to talk about things that really matter to us. Participants scheduled appointments to meet with legislators to talk about the importance of climate action. Linda met with Senator DeWitte, Rep. …
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earth month fundraiser

Highlights of A Busy 2 weeks

Linda Robertson spent the last two weeks actively listening to the concerns of Illinois House District 65. Here are some of the highlights: Climate Action organized by the IEC – the Illinois Environmental Council.  She will attempt to meet with Senator DeWitte and Rep Dan Ugaste to encourage them to commit to fighting climate change. More …
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You need a representative that will support your ideas, fight for the needs of your community and earn your respect. For someone who truly cares for your community, look no further because Linda Listens.

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