Let the 2024 Campaign begin!

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2024! Team Linda is hard at work preparing for the campaign for the Illinois District 65 Representative seat. There’s lots to do–and lots of enthusiasm for electing Linda.

Currently Linda is concentrating on filling out questionnaires and interviewing for endorsements. They are a valuable source of validation, publicity–and can be an essential tool for fundraising. Fortunately, Linda established good relations with a wide range of organizations in 2020, so she understands what is needed. The questionnaires vary in length and complexity, but they all include important questions about issues that are essential to the community and funders. This process is a great opportunity for Linda to report her stands on issues, but also to incorporate changing perspectives.

Linda has already obtained her first endorsement of this campaign.  3.14 Action supports scientists who will use evidence and facts to fight climate change, promote STEM education and fix our broken healthcare system.  

Lstening at a forum

This week Linda’s campaign team met to discuss the content of campaign materials, identifying language to reflect current issues and positions. 

For more than a year, Linda has prioritized listening to the concerns of community members.  While attending many community forums and gathering petition signatures, she personally talked with hundreds of community members.  She listened to their concerns to learn which issues and challenges most impact community membersMeeting voters and hearing their stories strengthened her resolve to become a legislator who listens and actively represents the real concerns of voters. 

Linda emphasizes that she is committed to being a full-time legislator.  Legislators not only play a role in Springfield, but they also have important field work to do in their district. Effective representatives listen to voters, but they also work to provide solutions, alternative options, information and resources. Effective leaders are a bridge between constituents, the government and services. A good legislator knows what’s available and works to make those resources accessible.

Want to help?

To better understand community needs, Linda wants to create advisory boards. Members will focus on current issues and proposed legislation in order to identify needed support for our community.  She is looking for volunteers interested in joining one of the advisory boards:

  • Education
  • Childcare
  • Seniors
  • Mental Health
  • Environment.

If you are interested in participating in one of the advisory boards or if you want to discuss other opportunities to volunteer, please contact Linda at https://votelinda65.com/contact .

Elect a scientist. Linda listens.

Every person counts in local, grassroots elections!

We need your assistance to help Linda win!