Linda Announces 2nd run for IL 65th House District

A Scientist and Democrat, Linda Robertson, a microbiologist and St. Charles small-business owner whose impromptu, but energized, challenge to incumbent Dan Ugaste in 2022 landed her the endorsement of her opponent’s former campaign manager and the Chicago Tribune, today announced her bid for Illinois’ 65th House District.

“Our team made great strides in our initial, abbreviated run intended to give residents a clear choice against an incumbent who does not believe in reproductive freedom, choice in the books we read, common sense gun legislation or climate science,” Robertson said. “We are hitting the ground running to give the residents of Illinois’ 65th District the representation they deserve.

Robertson, a Democrat from St. Charles, said her background as a scientist and a small business owner is exactly what’s needed in the state House, a sentiment that was echoed in the 2022 Chicago Tribune endorsement.

Robertson “makes a strong point about the makeup of the Illinois House, which she says, ‘has numerous lawyers like my opponent, but few scientists who are trained in problem-solving complex, technical problems’,” according to the Tribune endorsement.

“I’ve spent my career in the traditionally male-dominated sciences, where we worked collaboratively to solve problems,” Robertson said. “Yet I also recognize times when compromise is not always appropriate, especially when standing up for a woman’s right to make health care decisions for her own body, common-sense gun legislation, and scientifically sound and economically viable climate initiatives,” Robertson said.

Robertson, who is looking to challenge the Republican from Geneva in the November 2024 general election, made her campaign announcement Tuesday on the banks of her beloved Fox River in St. Charles.

“For me, there is no more fitting place to announce my candidacy than on the banks of the Fox River at Ferson Creek Park, the cultural and economic foundation of the Fox Valley,” Robertson, an avid kayaker, said. “But while we enjoy the beauty of this powerful waterway, it also serves as a stark reminder of our changing climate as wildlife struggle to survive weather extremes and a drought-deluge precipitation cycle that is becoming the norm for this area and across the state. This severe weather is taking a toll on farmers, business owners and our homes. The time for climate deniers like my opponent, is over. Urgent actions are required.”

watertest 1
Linda Robertson conducting a water test.

With only 75 days to launch and run a campaign in the summer of 2022, Robertson, who had never considered running for office previously, decided voters deserved a choice in the uncontested race, and now believes she has the campaign experience to bring home the win.

“Scientists typically are among the least likely to run for office,” Robertson said. “But in the summer of 2022, I realized that working behind the scenes was no longer enough. People are losing basic human rights, our children are being gunned down at school and threats against the LGBTQ+ community have never been greater. The residents of the 65th District deserve someone who will represent their interests and well-being.”

Robertson said that with a full election schedule runway in front of her, she is confident her team will come out ahead in 2024 and prevent her opponent from securing a fourth term.

“We had so much enthusiasm and support from the start, and we’ve just never stopped working,” Robertson said. “We are poised to take on the social issues of our time while supporting a strong local economy that is good for residents as well as business owners like myself.”

“Linda will look for solutions and be open to compromise rather than resting on typical political talking points,” said Greg Marston, former Ugaste campaign committee chair and former Pingree Grove village president, in 2022. “Linda has made it clear that she will protect our rights to make personal decisions and live without excessive government interference. Linda Robertson is the better candidate. She has my full support.”

The 65th District covers portions of Kane and western DuPage counties, including Elgin, Elburn, South Elgin, St. Charles, Campton Hills, Lily Lake, Plato Center, Wayne and Geneva. For more information, please visit


About Linda Robertson:  Robertson is an environmental/industrial microbiologist who works to find innovative solutions for complex challenges. An astute problem solver, she led research in water and wastewater projects for Weyerhaeuser and Nalco, was awarded 12 patents, starting her own international consulting business in 2007. 

As the mother of two adult daughters and a grandmother of two, Robertson understands the challenges of having a family and balancing work and life. She supports a person’s right to make health care decisions for their own body and is a staunch supporter of common-sense gun regulations. Robertson sees climate change as a crisis and has worked on energy conservation issues and methods to eliminate air and water pollution.

Robertson lives in St. Charles with her husband, Len. She enjoys kayaking on the Fox River.

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