Linda’s Campaign moves Forward

It’s March in Illinois!

Now that the primary is over, Linda’s campaign is energized.  The team is already preparing for the November elections. And there is lots to do before Election Day.

Linda’s primary focus continues to be reaching out to community groups and voters to listen and understand the issues that most concern voters.   Over and over, she has heard:

  • Families are experiencing the consequences of unaffordable and unavailable childcare
  • The need to fight climate change now to protect the quality of life on this planet and our children’s future
  • The importance of protecting women’s reproductive rights
  • The need to work together to prioritize ending gun violence
  • The pressure for fiscally responsible solutions.

These concerns are a call to action.  As a legislator, Linda will fight for legislation that meets these needs of District 65 residents. As a scientist, she will apply logic and data to identify and promote solutions to these complex issues.

Our February 12th Fun(d)raiser was a success, but now Linda is networking with local organizations to discuss their issues—and asking for their support.  She has already received the endorsements of the:

  • 3.14 Action,
  • Personal PAC
  • Painters District Council 30
  • Equality Illinois
  • Illinois Federation of Teachers
  • named a Gun Safety Candidate by the G-PAC and Giffords PAC.

Democracy at Work

With your continued help, Linda can be our next State Representative. She represents this area through her experience, knowledge, ability to listen and to problem solve. Linda has knocked on thousands of doors to actually listen to people’s concerns. She has learned that people aren’t divided by party affiliation but are far more interested in having government work to solve the issues that impact their daily lives. Throughout her campaign, Linda has demonstrated that she is a listener and wants to go to Springfield to solve problems. She will work to find practical, sustainable and efficient ways to make District 65 the best it can be for its citizens.

To help us buy signs, advertising and campaign literature:  PLEASE DONATE HERE.

Every person counts in local grassroots elections. We need volunteers to help us introduce Linda to District 65 voters.  LEARN ABOUT OUR VOLUNTEER TEAM.

st. patrick's day parade

Every person counts in local, grassroots elections!

We need your assistance to help Linda win!