One of the things you learn as an international consultant is that you don’t assume you have all of the answers without asking questions. Lots of questions. 

Today, I was at the train station talking to people to understand their concerns. Since this is Lollapooloza Week many college students were taking the morning train into the city. Cost of college was a big and very valid concern. Those costs have increased dramatically over the years compared to when I was a student. Women’s reproductive rights and protections for the LGBTQIA community were concerns. For one man, there was concern about too many regulations for business people that slowed down getting things done. This is a common complaint and we both agreed that good regulations are needed but old ones need review. 

Listening is important. I will be at the train station to talk to people the next few mornings. I do find it interesting that my opponent has never had a coffee hour for constituents until he found out someone running against him and is now doing so. Voters deserve a choice. Without a choice your voice may not be heard.

il65 district map. 9.30.23

Every person counts in local, grassroots elections!

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