Send a Scientist to Springfield

Linda’s IL 65th House District campaign got off to an energized start on Sept 12th. The enthusiastic crowd of volunteers and supporters enjoyed the beautiful fall evening at Global Brew Tap House in St. Charles. It was a fun time to celebrate the challenges and successes of the 2022 campaign—and, also, to look forward to launching the 2024 grassroots campaign.

When Linda talked to the participants, she noted that the 65th district is not an easy district. Winning will require turning out young people, people of diverse backgrounds, immigrant citizens as well as engaging moderate Republicans who are interested in fiscal pragmatism.

Linda reported that her campaign will focus on climate change, common-sense gun safety, women’s reproductive choice, safe and affordable childcare, and career and technical training. All are important.

Linda is running because she cares. This campaign will be built on a strong grassroots effort focusing on talking to voters to identify their greatest concerns. Linda wants to know what voters care about so that she can represent them well in Springfield.

A Scientist and Democrat, Linda Robertson, a microbiologist and St. Charles retired small-business owner will bring her problem-solving skills to representing Illinois District 65 in Springfield.

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Crowd at IL65 Campaign Kickoff

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